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> Old World Materials for Current Professions
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I've noticed that Fused Wiring shows up in a lot of BFA engineering recipes. Is engineering the only profession using old world materials for current content? Or is Fused Wiring just being used as a place holder for now? It takes 6x copper bar adn 2x essence of fire to make 5 copper wiring. A lot of the BFA schematics that require it take 10-15 of it. Just seems a little odd to require so much of an old world material after years never doing that before. I on the other hand would enjoy if they gave engineer's more complicated schematics that required farming mats from all around the known world of Azeroth if the item created was worth the effort. I mean why did engineering stop requiring tubes, casing, energy sources, gyrochronatom, different tools... etc. Its just mash different rocks together now and you have a wormhole generator to a different planet.

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