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> The library of our institute

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Название файла The library of our institute от пользователя z3rg
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Тип работы: топик
Библиотека нашего института.
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The library of our institute

“Library is a temple of books”, -- somebody said. And I fully agree with these wise words. Every person in our country elder than 14 years old, I^m sure, was at least one time in the library. The majority of young people has subscriptions to the libraries they like. The libraries not only give us a vast choice of books, but also offers excellent opportunities of having rest.

As you know, I study at the Far-Eastern State University, and I^m very proud that its library is thought to be the one of the largest in Primorye and even the whole Far-East.

Soon after our studies began, we had heard for a course of lectures about the university library. We were told about the rules of using books we take from the library and about its catalogues. Having listened to this course, we passed an examination that showed everything we had learnt.

Soon I had to visit our library the first time as I needed a text book on economics. I went downstairs (as library is situated in the ground floor) and found a room I was searching for. But I didn^t get the immediately as it was many students. So I waited for my turn. I asked to a librarian if I could get the book on economical theory. She answered affirmatively and soon brought me a book which name was “Modern economics”. Than the librarian asked me if it was for the first time I used the library^s services. I answered that it was true, and she suggest me to receive reader^s ticket. I was interested to know what documents I had to provide for this. She told that she needed only my photo 3x4 cm and some money. Fortunately, I had picture with myself and two minutes later I was the owner of reader^s ticket, which proves that I am a real member of the university library.

So, that is my story about our library. By the way, I want to say you that I was greatly surprised the level of service in it. It was very pleasant to meet kind librarian that was eager to help in everything you ask.

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Поиск по файловому архиву
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